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Dr. Tyler Shelton PT, DPT

What to Know About the McGill Method If You Suffer from Back Pain and/or Sciatica

A message from Tyler:

I realize certifications and qualifications mean next to nothing to the individuals reading this website, which frankly, is why I don't list my many certifications. Because who really cares as long as I can get you better - right?

Despite this fact, I list my certification as a McGill Method provider because the McGill Method is a world-renown assessment protocol, held as the gold-standard in assessment and treatment of individuals with low back pain or sciatica. The method was founded by Dr. Stuart McGill, the world's leading expert in low back pain and biomechanics.

Dr. McGill is the most published expert in the field of lower back pain, and has put his 35+ years of expertise into his assessment process. Only a select few worldwide have passed through the rigorous testing standards set by his company to become certified.

What this means for you, is that when you see me for assessment, no stone is left unturned. We dive into every aspect of your back pain to understand the root cause, enabling us to individualize a roadmap that gets you from pain all the way back to living the active life you love


Dr. Shelton is Winston Salem’s leading physical therapist who helps active and busy adults get out of pain, keep fit, and feel younger without pain medications, injections, or surgery.

He started Shelton Movement and Performance to provide a new opportunity to people struggling to find a solution to their pain, because he recognized that traditional approaches simply don’t provide lasting results. He is quickly gaining recognition and becoming everyone’s go-to expert for quickly eliminating pain and staying healthy long-term.

Dr. Shelton graduated with a doctorate in physical therapy from UNC Chapel Hill.


I watched some of the Shelton Movement Performance YouTube videos and decided to see what could finally be done with the sciatica pain I had been dealing with for years. Tyler taught me an exercise to do at home anytime I start to feel that pain, leaving me pain free. A big difference in working with Tyler than other physical therapy places is Tyler does an extensive evaluation and creates a plan specific to your needs. That is different from my experience of showing up and being told to ride a bicycle for 10 minutes and looking around seeing everyone in the room is doing the same exercises. I also have had trouble lifting something heavy and balance issues. I'm not the same person that walked in the first meeting. I'm amazed at what I can do in my sessions. I have more confidence in what I can handle now. If vou're considering SMP, Expect incredible results!

I would recommend Dr. Shelton to anyone who wants to get their physical health back. In a matter of seconds I went from living an active life to a life of limitations. My ankle had been broken. was now in a boot and my Physician's directive was "to weight bear as tolerated." Thinking I was so out-of-it during my emergency visit I called to double-check his instructions. I don't know about you, but I've never had "fill-in-the-blank injury" before and needed more information. All I got from the Dr. was the same limited instruction. A dear friend saw how upset I was and recommended that I speak to the Physical Therapist she had seen, Dr. Shelton. Knowing her success story, called him immediately. During our initial phone conversation I discerned that this PT was detail-oriented, asked relevant questions and was generous in providing information related to my injury. Once I started seeing Dr. Shelton in his office I felt like I had hit the jackpot! He was encouraging, patient and most importantly thorough and competent. I appreciated his approach of re-evaluation during my visits and then being provided the next PT exercises to do at home. Given it was a stressful time, I was also thankful for his video instructions that I could review anytime. I think this combination of unique office experiences and then exercises specifically to do on my own contributed to the timely restoration of my ankle. I proudly got "A's" from my Physician at each re-evaluation appointment and today am once again enjoying all the pre-accident activities I love! Thank you Dr. Shelton for getting me back