Are You in Winston Salem and Ready to Get Out of Pain without Pain Meds, Injections, or Surgery?

Local Doctor Who Specializes In Conservative Pain Solutions Decides To “Put His Money Where His Mouth Is,” So You Can Finally…


Stop Wrestling With Pain And Start Specifically Attacking The Root Problem In The First Session… Guaranteed! And It’s Free!


Yeah, seriously, we’re so confident in our approach and its ability to change your life that we’re willing to prove it for FREE. That means you pay nothing! The absolute most you are risking is an hour of your time. And remember, there’s NO needles to inject, NO pills to swallow, and NO surgery to recover from.


We understand what you might be thinking... it sounds entirely too good to be true. We know you’re being marketed to constantly, and there’s a lot of well-deserved skepticism towards medical providers. In that vein, we’d like to offer you this opportunity to read the following letter from the man himself, Dr. Shelton, on what exactly to expect from this experience.


We think you’ll agree, this process is littered with opportunities to try us out without risk…


Dear Friend,


My name is Tyler Shelton, and I’m the local doctor who is willing to put my “wallet on the line” to prove I can help ease your pain naturally…and for good!


Why am I doing this? It’s simple, really. I believe you deserve a solution to your pain…and you should only pay if you’re completely satisfied.


I must admit, I’ve had business coaches ask me not to make this offer. On the outside looking in, it seems like a terrible business decision.


But frankly, I have such a high rate of success, I ignore them. I might not be the best at marketing or many other aspects of business ownership, but where I thrive is my tenacious pursuit of the best practices to help deliver people from their pain.


In my borderline obsessive dedication to learning about the body as well as the medical profession, I’ve uncovered 3 facts that are seemingly kept secret from the general public that are cornerstones of my approach:


1.   Thorough assessment is non-negotiable

2.   The assessment must uncover the root cause of pain

3.   The entire body needs to be treated


Let me explain each of these in more detail…


#1: What is meant by “thorough assessment”?


Because you may be thinking to yourself “well hang on there, Tyler, I got a X-ray or MRI, that’s about as thorough as it gets.”


You’d be forgiven for thinking so – because imaging (X-rays/MRIs) has long been held as the gold-standard for explaining pain. But more and more research is proving that although images show imperfections in the body, the image cannot see pain.


Sure, the image is showing disc bulges, ligament tears, and arthritis, but it can’t tell us if we’re looking at a wound or a scar. Is this tear something new, or has it been there for years, causing no problems?


Here’s some research in case you don’t want to just take my word for it:


1.     Jensen MC, Brant-Zawadzki MN, Obuchowski N, et al. Magnetic resonance imaging of the lumbar spine in people without back pain. N Engl J Med. 1994;331(2):69-73

2.     Carragee E, Alamin T, Cheng I, et al. Are first-time episodes of serious LBP associated with new MRI findings? Spine J. 2006; 6(6):624-35

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Now that I’ve thoroughly bummed you out and possibly made you think things are hopeless, let me tell you the good news…


It is absolutely possible to find the root cause of your pain, and the secret is incredibly simple, it’s not even really a secret….




Want to know why no one else is going to match the results I get? Because no one is going to spend as much time with you as I will during assessment.


And I’m not saying it takes months, weeks, or even days, but think of the other “assessments” you’ve had and ask yourself how long they lasted.


At best, you’ve maybe gotten 45 minutes of someone’s time, but more than likely it’s something closer to 15-20 minutes.


That’s ludicrous!


You can’t possibly find the root cause of a problem in that amount of time, and I assume you know that or you wouldn’t still be reading this letter.


You have to take as much time as necessary to LISTEN to someone’s history, all of the factors that play into their pain, and afterwards dig at the problem from several different angles. That simply is not accomplished in a matter of minutes!


Humble brag, I have several doctors, PAs, and various other medical professionals come to see me to help with their pain problems, and I can’t even count how many times they’ve told me something like “I treat all back pain the same, I don’t have time to do anything more.”


It’s the truth! (and in their defense, I understand, it’s usually not their fault they have more patients than minutes in a day)


It’s no wonder that the usual first response to your pain is: “here are some pills, come back in 6 weeks if it’s still bothering you”…


Pills are about as good of a solution as it gets when you barely have time to find the root cause, which brings us to…


#2: What exactly is the “root cause?”


Because wouldn’t it make sense that the X-ray or MRI found the problem at the deepest level?


Maybe, but again, how do we know that imaging found the problem that’s actively causing pain. You’ve already seen the research that would suggest that’s not always the case.


Even if the imaging has identified the root cause, it doesn’t tell you how it got there, meaning you can’t prevent it from happening again.


In order to uncover the root cause, we have to look at your movement!


Movement is the next “secret” to unlocking a solution to pain, because there is almost always a physical trigger linked to movement causing the pain…


Answer this question for me really quickly –


Do you have worse and better days?


If the answer is yes – YOU MUST NOT BE FAILED. In 1 simple question you’re proving there’s cause and effect to your pain, it isn’t random!


What this means is that it is more than likely that there is a physical trigger to your pain, meaning certain movements are causing that problem (and likely caused the problem to occur in the first place).


I’d like to give you a simple, easy to follow example of a common source of pain and show how it’s commonly addressed by traditional medicine and why checking movement fills in the major gaps that are missed in the traditional treatment methods…


Let’s say you have a slightly torn muscle, doesn’t matter where…


You feel pain so you go to your primary care…


You’re given pain pills and told to “rest” for 6 weeks…


It doesn’t solve the problem, you feel better, but when the pills are done and you go back to moving, the problem is just as bad as it first was….


Imaging is done and the tear is found…


Physical therapy is pursued for 2-3 times per week for 6 weeks to “strengthen the muscles around the tear”…


You feel better when you do the exercises and stretches, but it’s only temporary and you don’t feel good unless you’re doing the exercises…


Injections are given to calm the pain while the tear heals…


The tear doesn’t heal and surgery is suggested….


Has anyone, at any time, during that entire process, bothered to find the root cause of the problem?


Not just where the tear is, but why it’s happening?


Let’s run the same scenario back with a thorough assessment:


You’re in pain, so you get a thorough movement assessment


From the assessment, it’s pretty clear you have a tear


But what also becomes clear is that your pain is triggered when you bend forward, sit for a long time, and stand up out of a chair.


Those movements are picking the proverbial scab, where the more you pick, the more irritated it becomes.


Where traditional treatment may have you put ointment on the scab but continue to pick it, what we will now do is devise a plan to STOP PICKING THE SCAB


The better news is that we don’t have to stop bending forward, sitting, or standing out of a chair, we just have to do those things more efficiently while the “scab” heals.


Now let me ask you – which is the bigger problem:


-       The scab/tear, or

-       Continuing to do the movements that “pick the scab” and ultimately caused that problem in the first place?


I rest my case your honor…


This brings me to my final point, one that cannot be overlooked, but again is seemingly kept secret from the general public…


#3 - You have to consider the whole body


It would shock you how many times I’ve seen someone who sprained their ankle, never fully recovered, and then developed back issues 15 years later.


Then they go to the primary care, complain about the back, and go through 4-5 specialists, all of whom only look at the back.


Guess what’s going to keep getting worse despite all of the pills and injections because no one is addressing that ankle…


I’ve had success with back pain patients where I never once needed to touch their back, because an ankle/knee/or hip was causing their issue, and most of these people went through YEARS of back pain for the simple reason that no one took the time to consider the whole body.


Understanding how the whole body moves is not just important, it’s non-negotiable for assessing pain.


If I leave you with nothing else, I want you to understand:


You need someone who has enough time to thoroughly assess full body movement in order to find the root cause of your pain if you want a solution.


That statement perfectly underlines what we do at Shelton Movement and Performance, it’s why we have so much success, and it’s why we have so much confidence in our approach, that we’re willing to give you the first appointment completely free.


I can’t wait to meet you and start working towards the solution that returns you to the active life of movement you love.


Yours in health,


Dr. Tyler Shelton, PT, DPT


As a quick recap, here’s just a fraction of what you get from this treatment session:


•           A diagnosis so easy to grasp a 9-year old can understand what’s wrong and how to fix it.


•           The ability to control pain naturally, without relying on pain pills


•           A plan in place guaranteed to turn feelings of doubt and worry into feelings of calm and confidence.


•           Self-empowerment – don’t overlook this because one of the most important feelings in the world is that you’re back in control of your own body


•           Movement correctives that will allow you to continue an active lifestyle without needing to “stop moving” and “rest” for weeks



Now that you understand a little more about HOW we help people, we want to guide you through what to do next.


Surely there are still questions unanswered, and for that we encourage you to fill out a “talk to Dr. Shelton” form, where you’ll get to schedule a phone call and chat through what’s going on, which you can do by clicking the button below:

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You may be looking at that link thinking no one will reach out for weeks, but it’s Dr. Shelton’s personal goal to get back to people (unless it’s a weekend) within 12 hours of submitting the form.


How’s that for service!?


Frankly, all roads lead to a phone call, because Dr. Shelton is insistent on getting to know his patients before accepting them into our service.


However, if you’re already loving what you see, and you’re ready to take us up on the offer of a free visit, it’s best for you to fill out the “free discovery visit form”


This will let us know you are applying for the visit, and will put you on a list that will ensure you receive the soonest available appointment (usually within the same week)


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We take these appointments very seriously, and for hopefully obvious reasons, only have a couple of them available per week, so it’s beneficial to be on that list if you’re serious about finding a solution to your problem.


Here’s the bottom line


The number 1 thing our patients say to us is “I wish I’d called you sooner.”


Pain takes away more than just your body. It effects your mood, attitude, personal goals, overall well-being, and even your loved ones.


We’re ready to help you get your life back! … every single ounce of it!


You don’t even have to take our word for it, we’re so confident in our approach that we’re eliminating all risk on your part and offering the first session for free, all you have to do is click the button below and apply for your spot so you can be seen as soon as possible.

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